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We are extending technology to the poor. We are turning the excluded into Prosumers of technology.


Laser focused use and promotion of Inclusive Growth Technologies.

We are an agile technology-focused social enterprise building Decentralized Smart Communities out of impoverished urbanites and rural communities.

Green Varsity

We empower unconnected communities by educating locals on sustainable technologies. Our offline-first Content Distribution Networks avail world-class educational material to those who cannot afford mainstream schooling. We also raise awareness on ills of climate change and how it affects livelihoods. Our hands-on STEAM education will enable communities to host microfactories to support local manufacturing.

AI for Good

Leveraging inclusive open source technologies to turn unconnected and poor communities into Smart Precision Farmers.  Our mobile Aquaponics units utilize Wazidev and tinyML for Edge Processing, FogAtlas and Raspberry Pi clusters for Fog Computing and LoRa for localized Internet communication.

IoT for Good

We are mentoring disenfranchised digital natives into the next generation Prosumer leaders. Our award-winning IoT Makerspace in Mbare makes the most use of micro technologies that include Micro::bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi to understand local problems arising from digital exclusion and blindness. Our IoT makers are empowered to solve local problems using open source technologies.