DRI is proud to be associated with Dr Charlton Tsodzo, new must read book for aspiring academics launched on 29 October 2014 at Alliance Francaise. Charlton, an DRI Associate has certainly put to rest some of the misconceptions about doctorate studies. Charlton said “though it’s a book on PhD Studies…my over-arching message is whatever you set your eyes and mind on, might not be easy or might take you a long time….but it is doable!!”. There a lot of mediocre doctors out there whose contribution to society is naught. This book has the potential to change that. We certainly can have a new crop of academics who can change things if they receive correct guidance”.

The new book fits very well with DRI strategy of taking academic thinking beyond ideas into action. DRI implements a catalytic MDGs Academics project under the leadership of Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development with Funding from UNDP. Under this project DRI spearhead the promotion and better understanding of the MDGs, managing a knowledge database tracking progress towards achievement the MDGs and coordinating the convening of development stakeholders to explore opportunities for knowledge sharing. The projects also strengthen partners’ capacity to transition from the MDG to the post 2015 development agenda. One of the key activities is to link with academic institutions taking development theory into practice.

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