DRI believes that sustainable development can only be the result of fusing a mix of competencies and ideas into a melting pot of innovation. It is for this reason that the organisation’s team is viewed as just a small catalyzing component of the development jigsaw puzzle where our stakeholder gather to complete the picture. The small DRI team capitalizes on the youthfulness of team members for innovation, getting more done efficiently through multi-tasking and sustaining innovation through inspiration from the communities we serve. All team members’ contributions are equally important and treated as such. DRI believes that just like a chain, the team is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why continual development of the individual’s skills and competencies is central to sustaining the strength of the collective.

Team Members

Verengai Mabika

Country Director
+263 773460466

Tawanda Maguze

Programmes Coordinator
+263 773521112

Beaulah Musonza

+263 733732208

Joy Mlambo

Programmes Oficer
+263 736013026

Faith Mhondoro

Programmes Oficer
+263 772764884

O'Brien Makore

Programmes Oficer
+263 776388809

Tafadzwa Gutsa

Communications Designer
+263 774168975

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