Web Casting & Video Conferencing

DRI believes that youths can benefit tremendously from regional and international conferences which set the pace in climate change programming. However, limited resources remain a major constraint for African participants to attend the international meetings. DRI initiated this project to bring the international and regional conference to proximity of the local experts through the use of ICT and New media. DRI uses a powerful combination of live streaming and video conferencing facility to share the international conferences in real time. DRI sends participants to some of conferences who act as the key correspondents and relay communication to the DRI server and conference facility locally. This facility uses high speed internet connectivity. We pre-record strategic interviews that can be shared using the same platform. DRI believes the platform will strengthen the negotiating power of national negotiators in the international climate change debate as they will have access to the views of local experts in real time.

Digital Platforms for Development

DRI is also responsible for creating mobile applications and virtual learning platforms aimed at sharing information with goals for social development. We have recently created an application featuring news around the Millennium Development Goals and the migration to the Sustainable Development Goals.

mdgs app