Improving local participation at international climate change Conference (COP20)

DRI is proud to announce the return of COP@home, 2014 Edition, following deliberations from COP 20 Lima, Peru in real time. The landmark Video Conference Facility will connect live from Lima, Peru from the 1st to the 12th of December 2014. The facility will follow 6 sessions namely Mitigation, Adaptation, Finance, Technology, REDD+ and side events. Book your place today and make your contributions to the global climate change negotiations at your convenience. Follow the link to register for a session.

COP@Home project was launched in 2011 to bring access of the International negotiation process, Conference of Parties (COP) to the to the many young people unable to travel to such meetings. With climate change affecting the present and future generations, young people are intermediaries between these generations and have an increasingly vital linkage role to play in ensuring that the present generation hands over a clean and habitable earth to its offspring. While there is consensus on the need to “act now” against the impacts of climate change the youth in Zimbabwe have little or no knowledge on the interactions of climate change and their livelihoods. In recent years youth across the world have been organizing themselves in coalitions in response to the climate change challenge.

At the COP17, the UNFCCC awarded the Youth NGOs (YOUNGO) a constituency status in the climate change process, almost 20 years after YOUNGO was identified as one of nine constituencies in the climate change process under Agenda 21. In Zimbabwe Development Reality Institute (DRI), became the first youth NGO to be awarded Observer Status of the UNFCCC, opening up opportunities for youth in Zimbabwe to be accredited to the UNFCCC processes. Zimbabwean youth have the opportunity to take advantage of this development and have their voices heard on an issue that is of primary concern to their livelihoods and futures.

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