Established since 2009, Development Reality Institute (DRI) is a Zimbabwean youth oriented organization that envisions a society where there is sustainable use of natural resources and adaptation to climate change.

DRI’s mission is to mitigate and build society’s adaptive capacity to the effects of climate change and this is achieved through capacity strengthening, policy analysis, knowledge management and programme interventions using cutting edge ICT solutions.

The programmes are implemented through a network of young professionals, international volunteers and collaborations with other development partners. A priority for DRI is to promote sustainable socio-economic development and build the capacity of community based and civil society organisations to transform livelihoods of the marginalized groups through participatory and innovative solutions. DRI believes that an integrated development approach is the most appropriate strategy to address the current needs of vulnerable communities in Africa.

  • Enhance youth capacity to climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Strengthen institutional, legal and policy framework for climate change and mitigation in Zimbabwe and region.
  • Promote innovative ideas in coping with climate change mitigation and adaptation by harnessing and documenting local knowledge.
  • Create a knowledge hub that will act as evidence-based reference for climate proofing

Our Partners