“New world, New innovation, Better Resilience”

We believe that no one person nor organization can single-handedly be responsible for human development. We know for a fact that it takes the collective effort of many actors, working towards one goal. The most important and central characters in the development script, are the communities we seek to serve. DRI channels the sum of all its efforts to delivery through four strategic focus areas, which are Climate Change, Social innovation, The Sustainable Development Goals and ICT Innovation.

What we do

Climate Change

Building resilient communities through Climate Change Capacity Strengthening. Through our range of online learning platforms, our goal is to raise awareness on Climate Change.

Social Innovation

No idea is too small; the growth of communities depends on game changing solutions to address social challenges. DRI is committed to supporting community based innovators who are re-shaping the future.


DRI is actively involved in The Millennium Development Goals. As the deadline nears DRI is leading the migration to the Sustainable Development Goals.

ICT Innovation

We recognize that Information Technology is a vital element for development. We support and develop platforms for the adaptation of technology on issues of development.